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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls” - Pablo Picasso

A very big welcome to my website, where hopefully you enjoy looking at my art pieces just as much as I've enjoyed creating them.


I've been drawing from a very young age, until recently I'd been drawing very crude sketches, but since then I've taken time to make my art look more professional and add a sense of realism to them.  


My main subject focus is architecture, particularly the Gothic style, along with vehicles like 90's touring cars, fire appliances and even Formula 1 classics.  

My mains tools are pen and ink, but recently I've started doing more work with simple pencil along with marker pens for automobile art.

Any questions or queries please drop me a message and

I'll get back to you asap. 

Feel free to follow me on social media, I'm also a keen photographer where more of my images can be seen on my Flickr account at BFK Artworks.

Thanks for taking time to visit my site and view my work.



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